I’ve been using Gippie Goo for a while now and have gone from completely freaking out and getting depressed when I’d feel the telltale tingle to not even being phased in the least  by an emerging cold sore!  I’ve stopped multiple cold sores in their tracks with this stuff, the sore will dry up and flake away in a couple days – and no one is the wiser!  It creates almost like an artificial skin over my sore and protects it while moisturizing and, most importantly, healing it fast.  It feels so good and I love how I can obsessively apply it as often as I want.  When I think I’m getting a cold sore I want to do everything in my power to keep anyone from knowing and this stuff really helps not only by stopping a sore from fully emerging, but also by covering up any discolorations that may already be showing.
I don’t know how it works so well, but I don’t bother with anything else anymore – who would’ve thought the cure to my cold sores was in a $3 tin?!?