“Woo Hoo! For the last day or two shingles have left me suffering with my skin being dry, cracked, and bleeding.  It was uncomfortable to move, sleep, etc.  When I received my package of Gippie Oil I rubbed it into my burning and bleeding rash… it INSTANTLY cooled my skin and stopped the stretching and burning.  I took a nap and when I woke up and checked the rash… the difference between before I put it on and a few hours later was MIND-BLOWING!!  I wish I had taken a ‘before’ picture because you would not believe what an improvement in my skin.

This product is majorly inexpensive and works on many things.  I will never be without a bottle of Gippie Oil in my cupboard. I am eternally grateful for this magical oil, and I will be recommending it to others for their shingles.”

Warwick, RI

“For the last 2-3 weeks my face has absolutely hated me; it’s been red, blotchy, burning, stinging and peeling. I’ve used every eczema cream, hydrating face lotion, cleansers… you name it, I tried it.  Nothing was working, if anything [they] burned worse and made my face even more red.
My mom gave me some of this Goo stuff to try – OH MY GOD.
What is this miracle concoction?! I feel like I have a new face after just two uses; the burning and peeling is gone and I feel a thousand times better!

I’ve started using the Oil as part of my nightly routine after I wash my face before bed – my skin has never felt better, it’s amazing!”

Warwick, RI

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“I gotta say – this stuff just simply stops a cold sore right in its tracks!
after about 48 hours of regular dabbing with a q-tip dipped in the oil…
the cold sore was gone before it really even showed up!
pretty amazing.”

Las Vegas, NV

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